RingStix Standard

RingStix Standard
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Product Description

RingStix is a new game. It is easy to learn and you can play it alone, by two persons or in a group.

Full set for two players, includes:

4 Stix
1 Red Ring
1 Glow-in-the-Dark Ring

Instructions how to play you'll find on the back of the package.

This is THE outdoor game you'll have the most fun with.

It gets you outdoors with friends or family or by yourself and you'll get to meet new people because this game is such an attraction no one will go by without recognizing that this is something to have fun with.

You'll get exercise in a very exciting manner because you share your time outdoors with people who are up-to-date and up for new experiences like our RingStix game - which rock's the world.

You can play it in

- the water
- it floats,
- in strong winds - it's steady,
- therefore every time you feel like having fun
   you can go and play.

It's easy to learn, it takes you about 2 to 5 minutes and you can play.

You can shoot the ring up to 50 yards and you can build some tricks into the game. Recommended age: 10-110 years young.

How to Play: RingStix is played by 2 players passing the ring back and forth using two sticks per player. To launch the ring place both sticks through the ring. Next, pull the sticks quickly apart causing the ring to be launched. The ring begins to spin (stabilizing it's flight).

Play RingStix with multiple players, play it in a park, backyard, at the beach, etc. Play RingStix even solo by shooting the ring up in the air and catching it!

Customer Reviews :

By: Luis on Jun 20, 2012  Rating: 
I live in Miami and play a lot with my kids at the beach with the ringstix.  When people see us playing, everybody wants to know where we bought it.  We love the game!!! Great way to keep kids active during summer.

By: Lisa on Jan 3, 2012  Rating: 
It has been really cold here, so we haven't had a whole lot of opportunity to play. My son and husband did get out to use them a bit the other day and they really liked them. They said it was pretty easy to learn and really fun to play. Thanks! Lisa

By: John on Sep 17, 2011  Rating: 
The product was fast received, better than I expected and is worth the money.

By: Zenon Nowacki on Sep 16, 2011  Rating: 
Excellent, dynamic game. I hope it will be one of the Olympic competitions. Zenon

By: Judy on Sep 2, 2011  Rating: 
When I first played RingStix I didn't like it that much because I sucked, but after a few minutes practicing I started to love it! I played in our park, which is near by and people who were also there got very curious about the game because they have never seen it before so they started playing with us too and we really had a blast. We talked and played and came up with new tricks it was just so much fun! Great invention!

By: Bally on Aug 23, 2011  Rating: 
Playing RingStix was enticingly exhilarative. The hang of its movements was gotten in a few minutes. With this in place we felt like we were in the "zone" just minutes in the game. Soon, this "zone" effect encouraged us to innovate new movements thereby increasing the exhilarative effect. Thank you very much for this exciting game. Bally

By: Tony on Aug 21, 2011  Rating: 
Wow, my cousin came over with his two kids and they (instead of taking the house apart, as usual) were playing with the sticks and rings the entire afternoon. To me, it speaks for itself.

By: alain on Aug 21, 2011  Rating: 
This product is fun, exiting, and really intuitive and easy to pick up. I had a lot of fun playing in the park with some friends; definitely makes for some enjoyable summer weekends.

By: Philippe on Jul 20, 2011  Rating: 
This is a really fun game! I picked this game up at a nearby toy store before going out to the park with some friends and thought we'd play for a bit. We ended up playing for hours!

By: Chelsea on Jul 10, 2011  Rating: 
My friends and I had a lot of fun.

By: Jacob on Jul 10, 2011  Rating: 
I've never played a game like this before. It rocks!

By: River on Jun 17, 2011  Rating: 
I love to play Ringstix. I can play all day long.

By: Steven on Jun 11, 2011  Rating: 
I love this game, my wife and I love to play this game, we had a great time together.

By: Raphael on May 13, 2011  Rating: 
My friend introduced me to this game one day and we ended up playing forever and coming up with tricks and high-scores!