Store Locator

Our automatic store locator is under construction and should be finished by end of August 2013.

You can find RingStix, as of July 2013, in over 2500 stores throughout the USA.



• Call your LOCAL TOY STORE, they should have it

• 80% of all Learning Express carry RingStix

• All Dunhams Sporting Goods have all three RingStix versions

L.L. Beans carrys RingStix Lite

Toys "R" Us carrys RingStix Lite

• Many online stores (i.e Amazon) carry RingStix just Google "RingStix"

• Florida's beach stores Surf Style and Wings carry RingStix


In any case we recommend that you to call your local toy store.

Please contact us if you need help to find a store in your area.

Have a fun and playful time.